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Who is Tutor Electrical Service, inc?

By prioritizing genuine care, dedication, and flexibility, we position ourselves as the trusted electrical service provider you need to ensure the quality of your project and your workspaces. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Burleson, Grand Prairie, Arlington, and the surrounding area, our goal at Tutor Electrical Service is simple: to deliver best-in-class partnerships to our clients and employees – and we do just that.


We’re just as concerned about integrity and trustworthiness as we are about the quality of our work. Our approach ensures your business, project, or property has all the power it needs, backed by high moral standards and ethics, providing top-tier services for an honest price.


Many “typical” electrical contractors get through jobs as quickly and cheaply as possible, taking shortcuts and not anticipating costly mistakes. That’s not us. At Tutor Electrical Service, we care about your vision, final product, and success… and solve problems instead of creating them.

Tutor team and fleet in front of the office


“You’re joining a family when you join our team.” Unfortunately, these words are easy to say and harder to back up. At Tutor Electrical Service, we’re proud to say we care and back it up for our employees daily. No matter your role, in the office or out in the field, if you’re part of the Tutor team, we make sure you know we care.


We approach our work from the client’s side of the table, bringing decades of experience to everything we do. Our goal is to provide only the best quality electrical service to our clients, producing craftsman-level electrical work, anticipating future challenges, and implementing prevention strategies something only an expert can do.


With a focus on providing accurate and honest estimates, we tell it like it is from the very beginning, communicating effectively and bringing transparency and respect to every interaction. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s also the only way to create long-term partnerships where everyone wins.


We guide you through figuring out how to achieve your goals and produce the best result possible. This includes collaborating with clients to understand what’s really important, what’s driving their decision-making, and what perfect looks like to them.

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That’s Tutor Electrical Service.

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