Mí Día was an emergency service operation we completed on a Friday evening in Grapevine. We got a call that a driver crashed their SUV into a pad-mounted transformer. It slipped between its protective barriers, knocking the transformer off the pad and destroying the transformer, the primary, and all of the secondaries. This incident led to three restaurants and a hotel all losing power at the start of the weekend.


Everything had to work just right for these four establishments to get up and running again. The power company had to have another transformer, the electric suppliers had to open up their warehouse for us to get all the supplies for the repair, and we needed to pull a crew together last minute – all after hours on a Friday night. Fortunately, the underground wires were intact, and the transformer was in the middle of the parking lot, which reduced some of the obstacles we had to work through.


We put out the call, and our team did what they do – they showed up. They removed the burnt-out materials from the pad, diligently working the whole night.


Because of their commitment, our crew was able to get everything back up and running by noon the next day, and the businesses were able to get prepared for their Saturday night rushes, losing only one night of business. When people ask us why we take on projects like this, our response is simple: Because we can and because it’s who we are. We love a challenge or opportunity to help meet someone’s needs and build team rapport and camaraderie. We’re proud to say that getting our crew to drop everything to help our community is the easiest part of our jobs.

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