Greenwood Remembrance Center was a new construction project for a 25,000-square-foot facility at Greenwood Cemetery. The structure was designed to accommodate funerals, memorials, and viewing services and was completed in partnership with Speed Fab-Crete. This was a $1.2 million electrical job with a $500,000 light fixture package comprising four staterooms, an administrative space, a center art gallery featuring an indoor fountain, and a flower shop.


The project required working around large quantities of glass, varying elevations in complex roof lines, and wooden reverse-vaulted ceilings, which made coordinating the underground wiring and conduit routing across the building challenging.


We installed a fully programmable lighting control system featuring fully dimmable lights that illuminated each complex architectural structure internally and externally, connecting our work to the property’s existing utilities. We completed the project in a fully functional, busy cemetery, creating minimal disruption. Fortunately, we could leverage our purchasing power, partnerships, and trade relationships to work around supply chain challenges, lessening their impact on the project.


We sought to proactively understand the thought processes of the architects, designers, and end-users, placing ourselves in their shoes, grasping their intent for the space, and addressing problems before they arose. Partnering with the design team helped us bring real-time solutions and budget controls to the project and achieve all five of our main project goals: Getting it done on time and under budget with no injuries, punch list items, or callbacks, effectively bringing the client’s vision to life.

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